Art Journal – Life is Sweet

I’m back to working in my art journal.  I love how this multi-media journal takes abuse.  I used gesso on part of the page because I started over twice.  I’m too fussy sometimes when I do art.  I’m trying to loosen up and just “do it.”  That’s why I took Traci’s class…problem is…it’s only a two part workshop and it’s over already.  On this page…I used tissue paper with a floral pattern plus some of my original doodles and a collage piece from a fashion catalog.  I also used my favorite crayons.  And so…it just is…




One thought on “Art Journal – Life is Sweet

  1. Janet July 16, 2009 / 9:04 am

    And so….it just is….wonderful! I always like the way you incorporate your own drawing with other things. The girl seems to pop out in her red dress against all the swirly, lighter shades in the background. And all the straight edges contrast with the soft swirls. I like it!!


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