Art Journal Page – Alleviate

To art journal or not to art journal…that was the question…for me.  I’ve decided  from reading and looking at other art journals online that it will help get my creativity in high gear.  I didn’t want to “journal” because I prefer to keep my innermost thoughts private.  Journaling can be done without “spilling one’s guts” 🙂  I have been reading Linda Woods and Karen Dinino’s two books, Visual Chronicles and Journal Revolution.  Both books have given me guidance and encouragement.  On the back of JR, it says, “Overthrow your inner critic’s tyranny of fear and rules, and discover fresh techniques and inspiration to rant, whisper, beg, stomp or sing your truths.”  All this can be done with one or two words or a whole page….whatever you want to do.  Has anyone else felt the same as I have about doing an art journal?  I am making a pledge to myself that I will try and do a journal page every day in my little Moleskine because up to now, it has been hit or miss…mostly miss.  The pages I’m showing here were painted with leftover pink  and green acrylic paint.  Then I used collage strips of some of my doodling.


2 thoughts on “Art Journal Page – Alleviate

  1. echostains February 10, 2009 / 7:44 am

    Hi Nice site! Keep the good work up! Creativity creates creativity. Its hard to do a page each day though. I’ve split mine into sections now, but mostly I write about art (and the thoughts that have led me to that art) Good luck!


  2. Janet February 22, 2009 / 11:00 am

    I’ve just discovered your blog while doing a google search for painting art journal pages! I completely agree with you about not always wanting to put my innermost thoughts into a piece of art in my journal. I’ve struggled with this for awhile now and it’s hampered my creativity.

    I love the pages you do.


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