Last Tree Standing

We have been home several days.  We are so blessed to have electricity as there are still many in our area without it.  I call this “Last Tree Standing” because many of our trees were destroyed or damaged  because of the ice storm.   I started this collage before we left home.  It’s done on watercolor paper with magazine bits collaged all over.  I used oil pastels and watercolor paints.  I also used Dr. Martin’s India Inks…I love the brilliant colors.  I know you aren’t supposed to put a tree right in the center of a composition but that’s the way it turned out.  I actually started with the paper turned the opposite direction.  I’m not really happy with this piece, I feel it doesn’t have enough contrast.  It is what it is. 


One thought on “Last Tree Standing

  1. Alberta February 15, 2009 / 9:19 am

    I couldn’t disagree with you more, Mary! I love the impreesionistic effect you achieved here.


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