Collage Journeys

I thought I would blog about some of my favorite art books.   Today’s book is one of the best I have found on the subject of collage.  It is called Collage Journeys  with a subtitle  “A Practical Guide to Creating Personal Artwork.”  The author is Jane Davies.   I found it on  Amazon…published by Watson-Gutptill…it came out in November 2008.  Here are some of the topics she discusses in the book:  gathering materials, painting with paper, working in layers, personal expression, and making a journal for collage.  Jane Davies, the author, has a website and I have it listed on the sidebar under creative places to visit. 

The last chapter of the book  “Journals and Journeys” covers these areas:  The Collage Sketch  Journal,  Journaling Projects,  Topic-Specific Collage Journal, and Making a Book from Unbound Collaged Folios.  In my opinion, this book is worth checking out if you are into collage and/or journaling.  Anyone else read this book and what do you think about it?



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