img I have been battling a horrible cough, cold, sinus infection,  for days now.  I’m doing much better today…think I’m going to live 🙂  Here’s a sketch I worked on last week and added to this morning.  It has been easy for me to draw because to do anything else would have required me to go downstairs to my art making place.  I hesitate to call it a “studio.”  I am envious of  some online artists who have  fabulous and wonderful studios.  Anyway, my art making place is great and I can “art” away to my heart’s content.

 My hubby and I have been catching up on all the seasons of the TV series LOST.  We love it and are waiting anxiously for season four to get here.  We started watching the series a week before Thanksgiving and finished season three yesterday. Maybe Four will be in the mail today.

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