I can’t think of a clever title for this one. Hubby said call it “Polly Wants a Cracker.” I like this composition even though the elements aren’t that related…I suppose they don’t need to be. I used acrylic paints on the background, magazine bits for collage, and black ink.

*Added later:  Tico from Suzi Blu’s Mixed Media group thought of this clever title. I just had to add it. Click on comments below to read what she said.

2 thoughts on “*Parrot-noia

  1. TiCo August 10, 2008 / 9:57 am

    Hi Mary-
    I would call this “Parrot-noia” cuz it looks like the parrot is thinking he’s getting kicked out and being replaced by the dog. Lovely textures and colors!
    I look forward to seeing your work in the Suzi Blu class.


  2. Mary August 10, 2008 / 1:09 pm

    That is so clever…why didn’t I think of that? Thank you for your kind words!


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